"Expects 4.5 Million In 2027" ... EV Share Surges in US, Is this end of the Engine Era?

"Expects 4.5 Million In 2027" ... EV Share Surges in US, Is this end of the Engine Era?

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[AutoTribune=Yejune Kim] According to recent research by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), electric vehicle (EV) sales in the United States are expected to reach 4.5 million units by 2027, accounting for 30% of the total automobile market. This marks a threefold increase from last year's market share of 10%. Additionally, competition in the low-cost electric vehicle market is expected to intensify.

▲Equinox EV(Photo=Chevrolet)
▲Equinox EV(Photo=Chevrolet)

Major automakers such as Tesla and Ford have announced plans to launch low-cost electric vehicles. Tesla is planning the release of its Model 2, and Ford has reportedly started development of a compact electric vehicle in response.

▲Tesla Model 2 Prediction(Photo=AutoExpress)
▲Tesla Model 2 Prediction(Photo=AutoExpress)

The state of California has set ambitious plans to increase the share of electric vehicles to 65% by 2030 and to ban the sale of internal combustion engine vehicles by 2035. The state government aims to achieve these goals through various benefits including electric vehicle subsidies and support for charging infrastructure.

▲IONIQ 5(Photo=Hyundai)
▲IONIQ 5(Photo=Hyundai)

BNEF forecasts that if the U.S. continues its pro-environment policies, electric vehicle sales in the country could reach 7.7 million units by 2030. This trend indicates a rapid growth in the electric vehicle market.

Demand for electric vehicles is also rising in South Korea. According to a survey by EV Trend Korea, 40% of Korean adults plan to purchase an electric vehicle within the next 1 to 3 years, with price, driving range, and charging infrastructure being the most important factors influencing their decision.

▲Hyundai Inster a.k.a Casper Electric(Photo=Dongmin Kim)
▲Hyundai Inster a.k.a Casper Electric(Photo=Dongmin Kim)

The upcoming launches of low-cost models such as the EV3 and Casper Electric(Inster) are likely to further increase the likelihood of consumers switching to electric vehicles.

Finally, the South Korean government is pushing a plan to convert all new vehicles to electric by 2035, with an expected deployment of 4.2 million electric vehicles by 2030. This is anticipated to expand the domestic electric vehicle market and facilitate the transition to sustainable transportation.


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